Car air mattress- Car air SOFA + air pump+2 pillows- FIT ANY CARS

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 FULL SET INCLUDE: load pad repair kit +2 inflatable pillow +1 electric AIR PUMP + 1 portable packaging bag +1 car pad
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Is not only an air bed for car back seat during your driving journey, but also a water sofa for your daily life.

Sofa equipped with two comfort U pillows, the air bed is designed to take care of your health.
Eco-friendly materials, made of breathable and eco-friendly PVC material, with flocking fabric, this air bed is durable, comfortable and skin-friendly.
Safety guaranteed, perfectly fit in the inner space of 95 percent of car models, so the air bed will be very stable, and your children can play at back seat freely and never fall down on the floor. Leakproof air plug of exquisite workmanship is anti-bursting and safer.
Car inflatable bed applicable models: the car brand models, SUV and the vast majority of MPV can be common. The inflatable mattress is an inflatable structure, the design of the inflatable structure determines the size of the expansion of the mattress after inflation will be adjusted by the size of the actual space. Before inflating, left and right open the door, front seats forward as far as possible adjustment; complete after aerated can through the door, front seat after the transfer, on the bed body produce extrusion and adjustment effect to the height of the bed and space anastomosis and fastening effect
1.The inflatable structure provides a comfortable environment for you and the inflatable elastic can reduce the vibration and bumpy during driving, internal flow can effectively block at the bottom of the vehicle noise, which will ensure a quite environment for you to sleep
2.The fabric used in high-grade imported flocking material, friction resisted and moisture-proof Thicker material, more shock resistant
3.Lightweight Folded, easy to carry: open the bleeder valve, press and make the air out. 2 minutes to complete the air cushion bed folding, convenient and practical.
4.Inflatable structure design and high quality material ensure that in any special circumstances, the product itself will not do harm to human body.
Specification:136 * 85 * 43 cm ( please see picture)
Weight:2.8 KG
More material:PVC, senior fine flocking, safe non-toxic environmental protection
Applicable models:most of the cars on the market,