Water Temperature Sensor- RGB LED Light Water Tap Faucet Glow Shower

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Works without batteries. Green-cold, blue-warm, red-hot.

  • You may be puzzled with the water temperature unless you touch it, now with this device this problem is solved
  • Directly installed on the faucet, it can be used
  • Water flow activates the light source
  • The sensitive faucet light will change colors according to the temperature of water.
  • The color's change reminds you the water's temperature.
  • No batteries and external power supply, it will illuminate after water flows down.
  • Offer you a delight & wonderful experience.
  • ABS chroming material, excellent corrosion resistance, durable.
  • Ideal for the bathroom or kitchen to make it fantastic.
  • Specifications:
  • Case material: ABS
  • LED emitting color: Green, Blue & Red
  • External thread diameter: 23.5mm
  • Item size: 35 x 37mm (H x Diammeter)
  • Color: Silver

LED Faucet x 1  

Adaptor x 1